MLA’s support for MindWise

A major new campaign encouraging the public to share stories of those who have taken control of their mental health to lead fulfilling lives, has been supported by Upper Bann MLAs.

Sydney Anderson, Jo-Anne Dobson, Sam Gardiner, John O’Dowd and Stephen Moutray recently attended the launch of the You Can Take Control campaign in the Long Gallery, and voiced their backing for the campaign that hopes to begin a public discussion about recovery from mental ill health.

The charity has set up a YouTube channel where service users and volunteers have uploaded videos telling their story.

“MindWise has community resource centres in Banbridge and Lurgan.

MindWise Chief Executive, Edward Gorringe said the charity is delighted to have the support of our local political leaders and encouraged the community in Upper Bann to upload their own videos.

“It is a commonly held belief that people with a mental health issue or illness cannot live a normal and fulfilling life - that they cannot ‘recover’, and such misconceptions prevent people from seeking out the support they require.

Volunteers can upload videos directly to the site or by sending them to