Mobile homes destroyed in deliberate fire at Magheralin


Police are investigating after a large number of mobile homes were targeted in an arson attack at a property on Drumnabreeze Road in Magheralin last night, (Sunday, January 28).

Inspector Gregory Beckett said: “Around fifteen mobile homes, with a total value in the region of half a million pounds, were destroyed by a fire which was reported to police shortly before midnight.

The NIFRS has said they believe one mobile home was deliberately set alight and positioned in such a way that the flames spread to the others.

Enquiries are at a very early stage and police are appealing for witnesses. Please call 101, quoting reference 1466 28/01/18.”

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart condemned the attack which she said has sent shockwaves amongst the residents.

Ms Lockhart MLA said, “This is a substantial loss of property and I would utterly condemn it.

“It is alarming to think that someone would deliberately set these mobile homes on fire.

“We could this morning be dealing with loss of life as a result.

“Mobile homes are very flammable and the financial loss is thought to be somewhere in the region of half a million pounds.

“Drumnabreeze Road is a quite area and this has sent shock waves amongst the residents.

“It is vital that any information that is known locally is reported to the PSNI.”