MP backs anti drink drive message

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With the festive season underway, and as the Environment Minister launched a new anti drink driving campaign, Upper Bann MP David Simpson has urged people not to put lives at risk.

Commenting he said: “The message around drink driving is very simple; that even one drink impares your ability and the consequences of getting behind the wheel after taking a drink can be fatal.

“You are putting the lives of others at risk, whether drivers, pedestrians or passengers.

“The impact for anyone convicted of this offence is very serious also however.

“With a potential six month jail sentence, driving ban and a fine of up to £5,000 it is something which can have serious consequences for your career, ability to secure insurance, and a conviction that will sit on your license for 11 years,” he added.

“The new campaign launched by the Environment Minister specifically targets young men and it is vital that we get the message across to younger people so they do not destroy their own lives or potentially those of others around them.”