MP praises drugs project

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On Thursday August 14, Upper Bann MP David Simpson met with representatives from the REACT Charity to discuss the work they are involved and how they aim to provide a service that diverts people from the temptation of drug abuse.

“We are well aware of the damaging effects drugs are having in the Banbridge area, particularly in recent months. Figures have told us that 32% of drug-related deaths in the last 12 months have occurred in the Banbridge area,” said Mr Simpson. “This should be a wakeup call for us all and a cry for immediate action must be taken. I commend the work that REACT and other charities are doing to tackle this issue and I look forward to future engagements in the near future.

“The meeting was an opportunity for me to listen to those who are dealing directly with young people and I was humbled by the ambitious and honest steps they are taking on the issue. Drugs are a scourge in society and we were all in agreement that educating our young people is the key ingredient to divert people from the temptation of drug abuse.

“REACT provide numerous services and I will continue to support them in their endeavours.

“Over the course of the next four Wednesdays at 7pm, REACT will be holding free interactive workshops for parents and carers to explore what they can do to protect our young people from these sensitive issues. The event will take place at REACT’s premises on Ardery’s Lane and I would encourage all those who engage with young people to attend. Together we can bring about a much needed change in our society to provide a safer and healthier life for our young people.”