NASA scientist to talk at Belmont Hotel

Banbridge Rotary Club is delighted to announce that it is hosting a talk this Friday (September 23) in the Belmont Hotel Banbridge by Dr Spiro Antiochos, Chief Scientist, Heliophysics, NASA.

As a world-renowned pioneer and leader in space science and an internationally recognised authority on solar physics and plasma physics, he is the author of much distinguished and internationally acclaimed research and the recipient of many major awards in his field.

Dr Antiochos lives in Washington DC with his wife Mary, whose father, Dr Bux Shields, originally hailed from the Banbridge area, and the couple are currently visiting relatives in the area.

NASA is the world’s largest space science organisation with a programme of research that ranges from the Earth’s core to the edge of the universe.

A feature of this programme is the development of large, state-of art space missions to advance scientific understanding.

In his talk Dr Antiochos will discuss both the science and technology of a few of the major missions currently under development by NASA, in particular, Solar Probe Plus, a mission to our nearest star.

He indicates that this will be a highly informal talk with the audience asking whatever questions come up, and the speaker, he says, hopefully providing accurate answers.

The talk, which is free of charge, will commence at 8pm in the Belmont Hotel and all those interested in space science or even potential future astronauts are invited to come along.