Next meeting of Banbridge Historical Society

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The next meeting of Banbridge Historical Society will be held on Thursday 7th April at 7.30pm in the Old Town Hall, Banbridge when the speaker will be Clive Scoular.

Clive intends to talk about three very unusual Irish ladies, namely Saidie Patterson, Augusta Gregory and Alice Milligan.

Saidie Patterson (1906-1985) was born in North Belfast off the Shankill Road. She worked in Belfast Linen Mills from the age of 12 and became an active trade unionist.

She helped to organise many strikes to improve woman’s working conditions. She also worked tirelessly for peace and was awarded the first World Methodist Peace Award for her ‘courageous efforts in bringing the two communities together’.

She earned five othe international peace awards and donated the money to charities for children and suffers of arthritis. Augusta, Lady Gregory, (1852-1932) is remembered for, among other things, her work in founding Dublin’s Abbey Theatre, collecting folk tales and the inspiration she provided artists of all kinds during Ireland’s Literary Revival.

She encouraged and inspired W.B. Yeats and her home, Coole Park formed an important meeting place for Revival figures. She had an interesting motto, ‘To think like a wise man but to express oneself like the common man’.

Alice Milligan (1865-1953) was born into a large family near Omagh, educated at the Methodist College Belfast, became part of Ireland’s Literary Revival and an ardent nationalist! She wrote nationalist poems, and books, was on first name terms with, among others, James Connolly, Roger Casement and W.B. Yeats and supported the Easter Rising.

She was a remarkable woman who has been almost wiped out of history books.

Members of Banbridge Historical are friendly. They welcome visitors who are charged £3 for the night’s entertainment, including light refreshments.