Nicole urges young people to ‘change your life’

Nicole Parkinson-Kelly
Nicole Parkinson-Kelly

As National Citizen Service graduate, Nicole Parkinson-Kelly, has been participating in volunteer’s week, she has been urging young people to ‘take control of their life’ through the organisation.

Last week Nicole was collecting donations at the Giro D’Italia Gran Fondo at the Titanic Exhibition Centre and selling Giro D’Italia/Co-operation Ireland themed bandanas in aid of Co-operation Ireland, the provider of NCS in Northern Ireland.

NCS, a youth programme for 15-17 year olds, aims to provide young people with a set of vital skills that all employers and universities search for. The summer programme includes two residentials, a social action project and a graduation, by which stage young people will have completed 100 hours of volunteering.

Nicole said her first residential taught her to conquer her fear of the unknown and said the young people she met taught her to have confidence in herself.

Her Social Action Project was a 24 Hour Busk for Southern Area Hospice Services and a Family Fun Day.

“This is my plea to you to take control of your life,” said Nicole.

“Change your life. Take the risk. As stated on my graduation pack - ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ so saying yes is just the beginning.

“You can achieve so much if you give yourself the opportunity. It all starts at yes!

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