New childrens’ book from globe-trotting Dromore man

A globe-trotting Dromore man has turned his hand to writing for children and is celebrating publication of

his book ‘The Final Seers’.

Matthew Walton works as a management consultant in conflict-affected countries around the world.

His travels have taken him to extraordinary places. among extraordinary people, and he has seen the best and worst of human nature.

“My ‘day job’ is as a management consultant advising African governments on how to organise themselves more effectively and transparently,” he said, just before flying off for a six-week stay in Somalia.

When he’s not off in far-flung places, Matt lives in Dromore with his wife Katharine andt heir son, Jake.

It was Jake who inspired his father to write for children. Matt set himself the challenge of writing a story Jake would enjoy while at the same time learning that one brave person, working co-operatively with trusted friends, can make the world a better place.

He said: “I started writing children’s fiction primarily to inspire my son - a reluctant reader - to read, because I loved reading myself as a child, and as a creative outlet, as I’ve always had a good imagination.

“When you work in a war zone and see the worst of human nature, you find your inner world becomes quite important and so writing children’s fiction has given me a positive focus in the times when I am away from my family and home.”

Matt’s book ‘The Final Seers’ is a fantastical adventure and political thriller in which two children, one book and a mysterious dog must fight to save themselves and the world.

Weighing in at some 46,000 words, the book is for eight-12 year-olds. The story combines elements of a contemporary political thriller, magic, and growing-up themes, such as forming friendships and building confidence.

It is hailed as a page-turner, with an exciting and fast-moving plotline young people can identify with.

“Miles Rennie’s life changes forever,” would-be readers are told, “when he meets Kenny, a mysterious and noble dog abandoned in strange circumstances.

“Miles discovers they are in danger from a dark threat and he and Kenny forge a supernatural bond that unlocks bravery he didn’t know he had.

“His search for answers leads him to a resourceful French girl, Sophie, and a magical Egyptian book that contains secrets crucial to humanity.

“Can the children unlock the book’s hidden powers? What is so special about Kenny?

“Who are the sinister Middle Eastern men searching for them? And how is this all linked to a looming global crisis?”The Final Seers is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and ebook format. Author Matt, meanwhile, is writing the second book in the series.