Only 18 players remain the Matchplay Championship race

Golf update
Golf update

The second round of the Matchplay Championship is almost completed and there are still a number of likely winners.

Cathal O’Neill beat John Convery and he will now play the winner of the match between Sherwin Curran and Malcolm Russell.

Cecil Wilson beat Hugo Downey 1 up and he will now play Joe McGivern who beat John McDowell 4 and 3.

Brendon Berry beat Lee Willdridge 1 up and he now plays Ashton Clydesdale who beat Kenny Jones.

Verdon Bond beat Peter Hillen 3 and 2 and he goes on to play Alan Caughey who, in turn, knocked out Colin Smylie.

Richard Coburn beat Paul Faulkner and now plays Jamie Thompson, a 4 and 2 winner against James Wilson.

Neil Clydesdale beat Adrian Mc Evoy and in round three, will play Ian Craven, who has beaten Gordon Enderson 3 and 2.

Mark McCullough beat Brian Grimes and goes forward to play Andrew Burns, a 4 and 3 winner over Danny O’Boyle.

Merton McDowell beat Victor McNeill 1 up and he will now play the winner of the match between Gavin Greer and Mark Hodgett.