Parishioners urged to grow in God’s love


Archdeacon Roderick West has called on members to pray consistently for the church and its mission, at the Seapatrick Parish Annual Easter 
Vestry Meeting.

The meeting was held in Holy Trinity Church Hall on Tuesday, April 21 when Archdeacon West thanked all the people involved in the ministry of the church before going on to issue four challenges.

Taking time to review some of the events of last year, including the fete, the 24/7 prayer initiative, the Coffee Morning for Kiwoko, the Christmas Tree Festival, the Lunch to launch the Year of Mission in January, the Women’s Breakfast in February with Mary Good, the Winning Team in March with Paul Marshall and Bishop Ken Clarke, and Lyrics and Laughs in April, he thanked everyone who had been 
involved in them.

Looking forward he spoke about the 10 days of focussed Mission events from Friday October 9, and issuing the first challenge he urged parishioners to read the bible every day during the year of mission, and make time to pray.

His second challenge to parishioners was to get into the habit of coming to church every Sunday and inviting people to come along.

Moving onto the area of finance, Archdeacon West made a third challenge. Thanking God for the increase in giving, and thanking all who contributed for their generosity, he called on members to ask God to pour out more blessing on his people in the parish 
and community.

Referring to Malachi 3 in which God encourages his people to give generously, he said this is one of the ways in which we open ourselves up to God’s blessing - God says “Test me and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it”.

The Rector concluded his address with the final challenge when he called on members to take the parish’s mission statement of “Growing in God’s love and sharing it with others,” seriously.