Patrick’s wish comes true

Patrick Wilson with Lesley Hegarty of charity iCare.
Patrick Wilson with Lesley Hegarty of charity iCare.

A Portadown man who is confined to a wheelchair because of tumours received the perfect birthday present when a local charity came forward to help get him tickets for a concert on Monday.

Patrick Wilson, who was diagnosed with cancer when he was nine and suffers from brain and spinal tumours, was hugely disappointed at the prospect of missing the Noel Gallagher concert.

His mum Breda told iCare her son is determined to live a life without limits, regardless of his illness, and that he and his friends were initially delighted to hear that their favourite artist was coming to Belfast.

Despite Patrick’s best efforts, wheelchair accessible tickets were sold out almost immediately, leaving him unable to go.

Breda made a wish through Armagh-based charity iCare as she knew how disappointed and isolated her son felt.

A spokesperson for iCare said the charity was touched by the wish request and iCare representative Lesley Hegarty was able to visit Patrick on Friday, October 7, just before his 26th birthday, to deliver the tickets and grant yet another iCare wish.

Patrick is now looking forward to attending the concert at the SSE Arena in Belfast along with his dad Artie.

iCare wishes is a scheme set up to ensure that people, like Patrick, are not left feeling disadvantaged because of illness or disability.

It was formed by a group of people with the aim of delivering acts of kindness in communities across Ireland. The charity has been running since 2010.