Pensioners Parliament visit

David Simpson MP with Nixon Armstrong
David Simpson MP with Nixon Armstrong

Local MP David Simpson and his Party colleagues welcomed members from the Pensioners Parliament to the House of Commons.

Speaking after the event, David Simpson said: “It is always a privilege to welcome constituents to the Houses of Parliament but especially those representatives of the Pensioners Parliament as we engage in discussion on the needs of older people.

“This event was a reminder of the continued support required for the needs of older people.

“Discussions focused heavily on the plight of fuel poverty which faces many people in Northern Ireland.

“One area of particular concern to my colleagues and I was the possible effects that the redefinition of the term ‘fuel poverty’ in England might have for pensioners here.

“As group we responded to the members of the Pensioners’ Parliament’s regarding changes to the state pension scheme and how details are not being effectively communicated.

“I am a huge critic of the actions of the government on this issue and will continue to raise this to ensure that everyone is absolutely clear where they stand.

“Sadly, financial scams and the increase in unsolicited phone calls made to older people still remain a major concern with reports showing hundreds of people getting ‘caught out’.

“This needs stamped out and more protection put in place for those most vulnerable. Anyone with concerns, contact my office.”