Start date for new off-street bus facility

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Upper Bann MP David Simpson has welcomed a new start date of April for the new Banbridge off-street bus facility.

Mr Simpson who had been lobbying for a new bus station in the town centre for many years said that he was pleased to hear the good news despite the long delay.

He said he hoped that the new facility would make room for more parking spaces which would consequently be better for local businesses.

Mr Simpson got formal confirmation from Translink Group Chief Executive, Mr David Strahan for the new facility would at Kenlis Street.

Mr Simpson said, “I am delighted that Translink have confirmed the construction timescale of the long promised off-street bus facility.

“I met with Translink on the January 8 to once again state the need to start the long promised bus facility for Banbridge residents and am delighted that I have received confirmation that the works are to begin April of this year.

“The delay has been frustrating however, I would like to place on record my thanks to Translink for their continued worked and congratulate them on changing their plans to ensure that this is delivered.

“It is paramount that we provide services and infrastructures that make life more accessible and convenient to the entire community and I have no doubt that this will help alleviate the traffic congestion that exists within Banbridge town currently.”

A spokeserpon for Translink said, “It is our intention to begin work on the off-street bus facility in Banbridge in April 2015.

“As previously stated however, this timescale will be dependent on the land purchase which is currently being managed by our solicitors, securing revised funding for the project and the approval of the planning application for the works.”