Total of 19 dogs put down in district over last two years


The USPCA has revealed details of its forthcoming hard hitting advertising campaign to appeal to the public to be aware of the tragic consequences of puppy farming.

This coincides with figures which show in the last two years more than 100 dogs in Banbridge have not been reclaimed from the local pound.

The Charity’s campaign supported the airing of a shocking expose by the BBC last week into the multi million pound puppy farming trade.

Stephen Philpott from the USPCA said: “This programme demands a response from the legislative assembly in NI, the only acceptable answer will be increased regulation of this totally unnecessary business activity.

“We welcomed new legislation back in 2012 to protect animals but sadly this is not being adequately enforced.”

A council spokesperson said: “Over the past two years Banbridge District Council impounded a total of 174 dogs.

Seventy of these dogs were reclaimed by their owners leaving 104 stray dogs for which owners did not come forward or could not be traced. Of the 104, 85 were rehomed; leaving 19 unfortunately euthanized.

“Banbridge District Council always took a very robust approach to monitoring the workings of any dog breading within the district and thankfully are unaware of any concerns within the Banbridge area. “If anyone has concerns regarding the practice of dog breeding they should contact the Environmental Health Department on T: 028 4066 0606 or E:”