Plans for town centre not ‘half Cut’ affirms DSD

The area proposed in the Banbridge Masterplan to be pedestrianised.
The area proposed in the Banbridge Masterplan to be pedestrianised.

The Leader can confirm that there are no plans to close the Cut to traffic as the area in question is actually Jinglers Bridge.

The Banbridge Masterplan proposes making Jinglers Bridge a pedestrian area along with Scarva Street but it was reported in other media outlets that the plan was to close The Cut to traffic.

The confusion comes as Jinglers Bridge is also referred to as the Cut in the Masterplan but our picture, which is taken from the same plan, clearly demonstrates the area intended to be pedestrianised.

After the Leader pointed this out, the Department of Social Development confirmed Jinglers Bridge was the planned civic area.

A spokesperson said: “The Masterplan does not propose to close the area below the bridge, locally referred to as ‘The Cut’. The proposal is to create a pedestrian space on ‘Jinglers Bridge’, (also referred to as ‘The Cut’ within the draft Masterplan proposals).

“The Department has asked the Consultants, Aecom, to clarify the reference in the final Masterplan document.

“Any decision to progress this proposal would be subject to a comprehensive transportation study.”

A consultation meeting will be held tonight (Tuesday) in the Old Town Hall from 6pm to 8pm, where the draft plans are currently on display.

Representatives from Aecom will be in attendance to provide information about the plan and to outline the proposals currently 
being developed.

This will be the second staffed event in relation to the Masterplan and the Council is keen to encourage as many people as possible to attend, view the proposals and offer their opinion before the consultation period ends on Thursday 18 February 2016.