Police appeal to parents amid reports of youths throwing stones from Dromore viaduct


Police in Banbridge have issued a warning following reports this week of youths throwing stones from the top of Dromore Viaduct.

Inspector Leslie Badger said: “This type of activity is reckless and could easily end up with someone being seriously hurt. It may seem like a bit of harmless fun but it only takes one stone to cause serious injury or worse.

“I would ask any young person who is involved in this stone throwing to take a moment to consider the possible consequences.

“If you hurt or damage another person or property then you could end up with a criminal record. This will have long lasting consequences on your career, education and travel opportunities.

“I would ask parents to speak to their children and make sure you know where they are and what they are doing.

“If you witness this activity please contact us immediately on 101 so we can take steps to prevent and deter this behaviour.”