Police hunt Gilford woman who skipped court two years ago

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Craigavon police have used Facebook to name and shame a Gilford woman who has been on the run for more than two years after skipping court.

A bench warrant was issued for Lina Keburyte in December 2014 when she failed to appear in court accused of theft and going equipped for theft.

The alleged offences have been outstanding for more than two years, prompting police to issue a photograph of the suspect on social media.

The move is part of Craigavon police’s Operation Relentless.

PSNI Craigavon explained: “Sometimes this is a first time failure to appear, sometimes they know what verdict is coming and do a runner. Either way, they’re now wanted!

“If that is you, consider yourself on notice. We are coming for you.”

From 20 February anyone who still has an active bench warrant against them will be “fair game” for having their face and details shared online, the PSNI say.

The police have said they will be “knocking doors, phoning suspects, speaking to solicitors and following any other leads we have”.

A final warning shot comes from the team behind the Facebook page: “The clue is in the name. We will be Relentless. Give it up.”