Police officers get new piece of kit - teddy bears

Chief Inspector Jon Burrows with the Trauma Teddies.
Chief Inspector Jon Burrows with the Trauma Teddies.

Police officers in the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon district will be carrying a new piece of kit from this week - Teddy Bears.

Police in the borough have launched a Trauma Teddies initiative - which sees officers carry cuddly toys to be given to children involved in incidents police are dealing with.

Chief Inspector Jon Burrows has been a driving force behind the initiative - which has previously been adopted in other districts.

A spokesperson explained: “Many times when Police are dealing with an incident and there are children involved we are aware that this may be the first time a child has had any contact with Police.

“If it is an incident which has caused a child to be upset and scared they can associate this upsetting time with Police.

“Trauma Teddies are now going to be in every police car in this district, we are hoping that along with all the other life saving equipment we carry that these knitted teddies will be able to provide children we come into contact with a bit of support and will also have a positive impact on them.”

In their Facebook post Police also invited local knitting groups to help with the project: “These Teddies have all been knitted by volunteers and a big thank you goes out to them for all their efforts and kindness, also, if any knitting groups out there wants to join in please PM us to receive some details.”