Protest single angers local politicians

Kate Carroll said the two convicted men 'had their part to play in Steve's murder'
Kate Carroll said the two convicted men 'had their part to play in Steve's murder'

A protest song in support of the two men convicted of PSNI officer Stephen Carroll’s murder has been officially released for sale.

And it has brought immediate condemnation from local politicians including a call for it to removed from iTunes.

The digital launch of the ‘Justice for the Craigavon Two’ single on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon by County Louth songwriter Pol MacAdaim, took place on Sunday, (March 15).

The song, which the Justice for the Craigavon Two Campaign group describe as ‘one of protest, highlighting the miscarriage of justice currently inflicted against Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton,’ has disgusted local politicians and as a campaign pushes forward to move the song into the UK charts calls have been made by the Mayor of Craigavon, Colin McCusker, to the BBC and to the Apple Corporation not to carry it.

Calling on the protest group to stop causing distress to the constable’s widow, Kate Carroll, Upper Bann MLA, Jo-Anne Dobson demanded that the ‘Justice for the Craigavon Two’ group stop exploiting the controversy around the launch of their ‘protest single’.

Mrs Dobson said: “Throughout this horrific ordeal and deeply upsetting and distressing time in her life, Kate Carroll has conducted herself with nothing but dignity and resolve.

“I am proud to have known Kate and her family for many years and to call her a friend, and I like so many, am angered at the decision to proceed with this ‘single’, never mind the fact that they did so only days after the sixth anniversary of Constable Carroll’s murder.

Upper Bann DUP MP, David Simpson, said the release of the song was nothing to do with justice and more to do with publicity for two men found guilty of a brutal terrorist murder ahead of the referral of their case to the Supreme Court in London, which is expected to be heard before the end of the year.

Mr Simpson said: “These two individuals will have their case heard in the Supreme Court, having lost their earlier appeal.

“The real case for justice in this case, is to see justice served on every one of the other people who played a role in the brutal murder of Stephen Carroll.

“The dignity demonstrated by Kate Carroll stands in stark contrast to those who chase publicity in support of criminals.

“Whilst it is right to state our clear opposition, and to reflect the revulsion of the community, I recognise that publicity is the ultimate goal of the campaign.”

“I do not believe that this song will make any impact on the charts and it will be ignored by the vast majority of people who want nothing to do with such a grubby campaign,” he said.

Mrs Carroll said: “I believe the killers are still not apprehended, but I don’t believe that John Paul Wootton and Brendan McConville are totally innocent because of other incriminating evidence.

“Whilst I agree that neither of them pulled the trigger, I keep reiterating they had their part to play in Steve’s murder.”