PSNI urge road users to Light up for Life during the winter

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This winter the Police Service of Northern Ireland are appealing to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to Light Up For Life during the dark winter months.

So far this year in Northern Ireland 62 people have died on our roads as a result of a road traffic collision.

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon District Commander, Superintendent Davy Moore said: “The dark nights of winter are upon us and as ever they bring dangers to road users and pedestrians.”

“Everyone needs to be aware of the darker mornings and the nights are drawing in earlier. It’s everyone’s responsibility to look out for each other on the roads. In particular pedestrians and cyclists need to make sure they can be seen by drivers on dark evenings.

“Pedestrians out during the daytime should consider wearing brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing as it shows up well in daylight and at dusk and wear something reflective at night so you can be seen in car headlights.

“Cross the road at pedestrian crossings whenever you can – at night if there is crossing nearby, try to cross in a well-lit place.”

Superintendent Moore added: “Cyclists need to remember that it is against the law to cycle at night without a white front light, a red backlight and red reflector at the back. Always wear a helmet and reflective clothing.

“Motorcyclists, while it is legal in the UK to filter through two lanes of traffic, bear in mind it will be harder for drivers to see you if you are wearing dark clothing at night. Wear reflective clothing and keep your lights on.

“Drivers shouldn’t wait until it is fully dark to turn lights on; use dipped headlights to help other road users see you. Take particular care around schools in the morning and also in the evenings. Make sure your windows, mirrors and lights are clear to make sure you can see and be seen.”

The District Commander concluded: “Low light coupled with bad weather will make things very tricky for everyone. Motorists should proceed with caution in wet weather bearing in mind stopping distances in the wet are much greater.

“Taking a little extra care, looking out for each other and being courteous in hazardous conditions can help to keep you safe on the roads this winter.”