Rathfriland land handed over to Regeneration body


Banbridge District Council is to transfer ownership of a piece of land in Rathfriland to the town’s Regeneration Company.

The land, to the rear of John Street, near the local community centre will allow the Regeneration company access to land it already owns in the area.

The company is seeking to develop this land for community use.

It would also be used to give access to the town centre and to the rear of Chandlers House.

The land is valued at £2,580 but is part of a package of land, including Rathfriland Community Centre, which was originally transferred to the council by the Regeneration Company in 2002.

The centre had been developed using Millennium grant aid obtained by Rathfriland Regeneration but had to be transferred to the council to ensure its sustainability.

Speaking at a recent council meeting, Councillor John Hanna voiced his support for the proposal.

He said the land would allow Rathfriland Regeneration to continue its voluntary work and develop the town for the good of its residents.

In response to the Acting Chief Executive Councillor Glen Barr, Seamus Doyle, John Ingram and John Hanna confirmed they were not members of the Regeneration Company. The move was then proposed by Councillor Carol Black, seconded by Councillor Ian Burns