Real people overcoming despair

Waringstown farmer Charlie Weir
Waringstown farmer Charlie Weir

Ordinary people from all walks of life will open up in Dromore High School next week to tell how God rescued them from depression, addiction and despair - and gave them a reason to live.

Speakers will include a young woman who escaped a life of drugs, a singer who battled deep despair and a farmer who was miraculously saved from a bull, as well as several top rugby players.

Warren Smyth and Jacob Stockdale

Warren Smyth and Jacob Stockdale

The seeds for the Second Chance Dromore mission started last year when farmers, Charles Weir, Mark Gilliland and Roger Graham, were discussing the financial struggles and despair facing many farming families.

The team invited volunteers from churches across the area to organise a series of events, and were joined by businessman and Through Faith Mission volunteer Rodney Adamson, who grew up on a Dromore farm.

Rodney said: “Not everyone is aware that Christ loves them. Many think that God is for people other than them.

“So I would like to encourage people to come along to hear the Christian message conveyed by ordinary people during this week of special events; how they thought God was not relevant to them but how he has given them a reason for living and the peace that everyone is looking for.”

Country Gospel singer Warren Smyth will perform each night with the main speakers being Pastor Lee McClelland of Teen Challenge NI and Bishop Ken ‘Fanta’ Clarke.

Other speakers will include:

Monday - A young woman who will tell how Christ lifted her out of drug addiction, with Ulster Rugby player Rob Lyttle opening up on faith and sport.

Tuesday - Irish rugby player Jacob Stockdale telling his story of faith.

Wednesday - Lorry driver Tony Jones and his amazing story of love and God’s grace after his prison officer father was shot by paramilitaries.

Thursday - Roy Drennan, a singer with ‘Live Issue’ who will reveal how God helped him through deep depression.

Friday - Farmer Charlie Weir opening up on how God miraculously saved him after being gored by a bull.

The team launched their mission with a fun day in the town square on 1 September, followed by a Gospel Concert in Dromore High School and an evening on farm safety and faith in Dromore Rugby Club. Both were filled to capacity.

Meetings from 8-12 October take place at 7.45pm in Dromore High School, followed by tea and coffee.