Rebecca takes short-cut for cancer cause

Rebecca Chambers gets her hair chopped for charity
Rebecca Chambers gets her hair chopped for charity

Dromore schoolgirl Rebecca Chambers is feeling a little draughty around the neck, after a drastic haircut to support a charity who help make wigs for children with cancer.

Rebecca, a pupil at Dromore High School, had her waist-length, auburn tresses chopped off and donated to The Little Princess Trust on April 29.

Rebecca Chambers gets her hair cut for charity

Rebecca Chambers gets her hair cut for charity

She also raised £1,500 which she divided between this charity and Cancer Research UK.

Rebecca, who was quite at peace with her decision, said: “My hair was so long - it was down to my waist.

“I knew if I got it cut it would always grow again,unlike the many children on chemotherapy treatment, who have to wait before any growth will come again. After the first cut at my hair, it was amazing - my head just felt so much lighter.

“I was quite calm about it and when the hairdresser began to cut I didn’t feel emotional at all.”

Rebecca’s hair was cut by Ashlee Hagan from Hair at Elysia, Dromore.

Rebecca said: “Ashlee was quite happy to do it.

“Actually I think she was quite relieved, because I’d gone to her to style my hair for a formal and as it was so long it took forever to do.

“Now that it’s cut short she won’t have to worry about that again.”

Following in the footsteps of a number of celebrities who have had their hair cut for charity, Rebecca is now sporting a popular ‘pixie’ chop.

Rebecca decided to support the Trust after watching a Youtube video.

“The video explained about a little girl who had been diagnosed with cancer, but didn’t want to go through with the chemotherapy because she knew she would lose her hair”.

“Her parents got in touch with the Trust, who agreed to make a wig for her and so she then went through with the treatment” said Rebecca.

The Little Princess Trust was launched in 2006 by the parents of Hannah Tarplee. Hannah was the original Little Princess who following a diagnoses of a Wilms tumour, died in 2005.

Rebecca’s efforts supported both The Trust and also Cancer Research UK - something she felt was important.

“Really it’s helping both roads - it’s supporting those suffering the effects of cancer, but at the same time trying to find a way to prevent the disease” said Rebecca.

Rebecca is thankful to all those who supported her fundraising - the High School who held a collection after a morning assembly, her horse riding club and friends and family.