Relocations mark start of Outlet plan


A number of stores at the Outlet, Banbridge have relocated within the village as work is set to begin on a proposed major leisure development.

Stakeholder last year issued a statement outlining the new leisure element proposals which will enable The Outlet to accommodate a regional eight screen cinema complex that meets modern projection standards, a 7,000 sqft children’s indoor play area, two additional restaurants, and, in a second phase, a garden centre.

This will bring The Outlet’s leisure offering into line with similar UK centres which have increased their leisure element to around a third to meet changing customer expectations.

Several local shoppers to The Outlet had taken to social media in recent days asking why some of the units were moving.

Anna Murphy said that Next had its doors closed and the shop was empty.

“I was told while in another shop that Next was moving,” she continued.

Ann McCartan said: “I noticed that a lot of shops are moving up towards M&S. Went looking for Regatta and saw it was empty so went Trespass instead.

“When I walked back towards Nike I saw that Regatta was up that end.”

Shazza Kataya said: “Same happened to me when I was looking for Bedeck.

“ I think most of the shops are moving up that end.”

Anna Killen said: “All the shops at Regatta side are moving up to the other side, something else going down the other side.”

Anthony Oliver said: “I heard there is a cinema going in. That’s why shops are moving.”

The spokesperson for the Outlet said shops had communicated the changes to customers.

“There was a sign on the old and new Next units, as well as notices on our website and Facebook page. Next also advised customers before the store closed.

“Also we independently audit our customer services and we are delighted to say that we achieve excellent results across the mall.”