‘Runaway’ Linford still needing a home

Linford at Paws and People
Linford at Paws and People

A little stray dog who won the hearts of hundreds of Banbridge animal-lovers two weeks ago, is still looking for a forever home.

The frightened shitzu-type dog gave locals the run-about for three days after he was spotted lying in the rain at the side of the Gilford Road by the owner of Paws and People Animal Rescue, Nadine Weir.

Nadine put out an appeal on social media to which hundreds responded reporting sightings of the dog across the Banbridge area, but being quite the runner he managed to evade capture until he was finally caught in Solitude Park.

It’s difficult to tell just how many miles his little paws covered in three days, but his running abilities earned him the perfect name - Linford.

“It’s after Linford Christie - the runner,” said Nadine.

After he was caught, Linford had to spend five days with the dog warden before being returned to Paws and People Animal Rescue.

“Linford is doing great,” said Nadine. “He is a very sweet and loving dog. He has settled in really well and loves the other dogs and people.”

On his first night back from the dog warden, Linford was spoilt, spending the night on Nadine’s mum’s bed.

Several people have said they would love to give Linford a home, but as he requires a garden with a very secure gate and no children under eight, the perfect owner has not as yet appeared.

Nadine said: “There has not been any interest in Linford sadly, but he is a sweet boy and his home will come along some time.”

Linford has proved himself quite a character.

“He is an escape artist and has already tried to climb out an open window,” said Nadine. “Thankfully we were in the room with him.

“He loves dogs and cuddles and is great in the house. He is lead trained and has learnt the sit command already. We guess his age to be between two and three years old and he is not nervous.”

Questioning where he may have come from, Nadine said: “I think Linford has been loved by someone, but seeing how easy it is for him to escape and run away I’m sure there may be still some lovely person somewhere who misses him. Sadly it’s so hard to tell because he is not micro chipped.”

Nadine currently has over 30 dogs at the rescue, and is often faced with additional dogs abandoned at her door, which pushes the rescue to the limit.

“I do all the vet runs, rehabilitation, home checks and everything myself. Just me and my mother run this rescue - we have no volunteers and we fund this all ourselves without any government help.”

To support Nadine or to offer Linford or any of the other animals a home, visit the Paws and People Facebook page.