‘Scientific Sue’ arrives at Dromore High

Dromore High Pupil at the Science Show.
Dromore High Pupil at the Science Show.

Dromore High hosted the Ingenious Ulster Science Show by ‘Scientific Sue’ organised by the Ulster-Scots Agency.

Year 8 and P7 pupils from Dromore Central Primary enjoyed this highly creative and exciting science and engineering show exploring some of the amazing scientific discoveries and engineering feats endeavoured by 13 Ulster Scots over a period of 350 years from Harry Ferguson to Neil Armstrong, whose grandmother incidentallhy came from County Fermanagh.

The Ulster Scots Agency was established as a part of the North/South Language Body set up under the Belfast Agreement of 1998.

The aims of the Ulster-Scots Agency is to promote the study, conservation, development and use of Ulster-Scots as a living language.

The Agency is funded by the Department for Communites in NI and the Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs and is responsible to the North/South Ministerial Council.