Shadow hangs over LED lights


Complaints about the new LED street lights prompted Upper Bann MP David Simpson to visit the affected areas to witness first-hand the ‘desperate’ situation.

Mr Simpson was joined by colleagues Sydney Anderson MLA and Councillor Carla Lockhart as they visited many locations in Banbridge, Lurgan, Portadown and surrounding areas.

As they toured towns and villages accompanied by Transport NI Divisional Manager and his team, they said it became ‘very evident how the real concerns have arose since the multi million pound pilot scheme was implemented by the previous Minister earlier this year’.

After the night spent visiting what they called once brightly lit communities Mr Simpson said: “I have been inundated with complaints from constituents regarding the new scheme which was introduced with money saving measures in mind by the previous Minister of Regional Development.

“This is by no means an isolated concern having witnessed first hand the virtual darkness that large estates and quiet cul-de-sacs alike are experiencing; I too share the concerns for those most vulnerable; an increase in criminal activity; antisocial behaviour and our general safety and well being. With all of these to the fore I have met with the newly appointed DRD Minister who I want to assure everyone is working closely with the project team to find a solution and quickly.

“Faced with considerable and relentless pressure put on local Manager of Transport NI by myself and colleagues they agreed to carry out extensive reviews of all areas affected. Their aim is to assess the location of lampposts; positioning of lights and the energy force which determines the brightness. “I have requested that the Minister herself visit the constituency with street lighting being high on the agenda. I trust that this will take place early in the New Year.”

The issue was brought up at the last meeting of ABC council as members voted for a review of the LED lighting scheme.