Sinn Fein pair submit nomination papers

Nuala Toman and John O'Dowd.
Nuala Toman and John O'Dowd.

Sinn Féin candidates in Upper Bann Nuala Toman and John O’Dowd have officially submitted nomination papers.

Speaking afterwards Ms Toman said she is privileged to stand in such an important election.

“It is an honour to have been officially nominated to stand for election in Upper Bann; particularly considering the absolutely crucial nature of this election.

“The battle for two nationalist seats in Upper Bann is a difficult one, considering the constituency’s reduction from 6-seater to a 5-seater. But if voters come out to show their anger over the recent RHI scandal, and over the ongoing contempt for equality demonstrated by the DUP, there is a real opportunity to elect two Sinn Féin MLAs and a send a clear message that the status quo cannot continue.”

Ms Toman concluded, “At the very heart of this election is the matter of building an inclusive society.

“It is about delivering equality, accountability and respect. Sinn Féin will not tolerate financial scandal, incompetence, or the waste of public money.”

Ms Toman is a Lurgan woman who currently works in party president Gerry Adams’ office spearheading Sinn Féin’s Uniting Ireland taskforce.

She previously worked in Educational Development in Queen’s University Belfast, and held senior Research and Policy positions in Glasgow Caledonian University.

As a recently married and new mother, Ms Toman looks forward to the challenge of fighting for two seats in Upper Bann.