Some progress bus frustration remains over incomplete developments

THERE has been progress in easing the frustration of at least some of the many Dromore residents facing difficulties due to incomplete and unadopted local housing developments.

Laurel Mews, source of many complaints from its residents, is soon to be adopted by DRD Roads Service, according to Lagan Valley MLA Brenda Hale.

In a joint statement with party colleague, Councillor Paul Rankin, Mrs. Hale said this week she had been working with the DRD and pressing for the adoption of the Dromore developments in question.

“There are a number of developments in the Dromore area which still remain unadopted by DRD,” she said, “with residents experiencing difficulties with unfinished roads, lighting and sewers etc.

“I have been working with the DRD Southern Division, Development Control and Private Streets Section, to try and push for the adoption of these developments.

“This is a frustrating situation for all the residents involved, as many of the contractors who commenced building these developments have since declared bankruptcy and have left these developments incomplete.”

That being so, the DUP pair welcomed news that Roads Service was to assume responsibility for one such development, namely Laurel Mews.

“There have been numerous complaints from local residents, who contacted the office about the length of the grass and other issues,” they said.

“We have been liaising with DRD and residents and we are pleased that the DRD Roads Service are assuming responsibility for Laurel Mews and are now in the final stages of the adoption of this development.

“A contractor working for the Roads Service has been on site and has cut the area of grass at Laurel Mews.”