Stephen gets on his bike for MindWise

MINDWISE benefited when local man, Stephen Avery, got on his bike for the charity.

Stephen, who works for Translink, hosted a mental health awareness motor bike ride event on July 1, along with a pub quiz four days later at the Railway Inn, raising £340.

And his employer donated £250 to the amount, meaning a total of £590.00 has been donated.

The service team leader, Joice Mathew, said, “Our resource centre here in Banbridge offers a range of activities and person-centred support based on our ethos of promoting recovery. As a fledgling independent charity though, now more than ever we are calling on local people and businesses to help support our work by making donations to help us run existing services and to develop new ones.”

Christine Hitchcock, service user from MindWise Banbridge, explained that MindWise has helped her greatly with her recovery process.

“I have been attending MindWise since 2008 and it gives me the opportunity to get out of the house, meet with other people and take part in loads of activities that keep me busy and exercise my mind,” she said.

“I have enjoyed different workshop activities such as a relaxation program, an art project, health and wellbeing, exercise and a fitness programs etc in MindWise Banbridge.

“I have enjoyed one workshop in particular as boccia, oxerscise and mosaic are both therapeutic and creative and helped me to relax. This in turn stimulates my thoughts and my mind because I am naturally creative.

“I find staff and volunteers are very approachable and supportive with all my difficulties and helped me to support myself to manage my mental health.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Stephen Avery, his wife Denise and Mr. Ian Avery, his brother and friends, all the guys who attend the motor ride, staff in the Railway Inn, Translink NI, MindWise staff, volunteers and all service users for bringing awareness about mental health and vulnerable people to the public via these big events. I am grateful to MindWise for all the support it has provided to me over the years and wish MindWise every success now and in the future.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Stephen Avery and his family for taking time out from their busy schedule to promote and raise money for MindWise. Stephen’s family has been involved with MindWise for a number of years and he is always very approachable and supportive to the organization. He works very closely with us for breaking the stigma associated with mental illnesses and promoting well being of mental health awareness in the community.”