‘Sweet-natured child’ was full of energy

Bradley Logan
Bradley Logan

The funeral took place on Tuesday of 10-year-old Bradley Logan , who died at an amusement arcade during a family day out in Newcastle on Friday.

The funeral was held at the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints on the Belsize Road.

Bradley, grandson of former Linfield Manager Eric Bowyer, attended Harmony Hill Primary School and was due to start Primary Seven in September.

His grandfather paid tribute to the youngster, who had enjoyed lunch with his family a short time before he died at around 3pm.

Mr Bowyer, who had been out with his wife, two daughters and grandchildren, said: “He was playing on the amusements one minute and then he went onto the other amusement, the Helter-Skelter.

“He collapsed and we just lost him. I was so glad I was with him.”

Moments earlier, said Mr Bowyer, Bradley had been enjoying himself.

“When we went across to the amusements there was a big smile on his face, “ he said. “That is the thing that brings me comfort; that one minute earlier he was doing what he wanted, being in the midst of things, and the next minute he didn’t regain consciousness.

“He didn’t suffer and I am so glad for that.”

Mr Bowyer said his grandson had collapsed a few times in the past and had been in hospital.

An autopsy was being carried out to determine the cause of death.

“He had heart tests and other tests and everything had been clear,” he said. “So he had been referred to a special clinic for more tests.”

Mr Bowyer said Bradleyloved playing football and would often go to matches with him.

“He always wanted to play football and always had me out,” he said. “I would have played cricket with him as well.

“I played anything that he wanted to play.

“He was full of energy and loved being in the midst of things and of people.”

He went onto describe Bradley as a “sweet natured child”.’

“He loved people and people of all ages warmed to him,” he said.

“There has been an overwhelming grief from so many people which has been a great source of strength to us.

“I took him to matches and he would be very emotional when the Blues scored.

“He was very happy.

“He had a fabulous nature and he brought me such great joy and lifted my spirits every time I was with him.”

Bradley is survived by his parents Mark and Kylie and siblings Ben and Brooke.