‘Talk to your child and make sure they know the dangers’

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Banbridge Police are urging local parents to talk to their children about the dangers of drink and drugs.

The appeal follows an incident on Sunday night when officers received a report from a concerned member of the public about the safety of a drunk teenage boy.

“Caller reports a drunk male around 15 years old in the area of the subway wearing only his boxers. Caller states there are a group of males there also who are not assisting him,” a post on the PSNI Banbridge Facebook page said.

“This was last night. Not a film, not a book, not the start of some fiction...last night, for real. We had checked the area within 12 minutes, yet couldn’t find this boy. We spoke to people in the area who claimed not to have seen him.

“This is the reality of what we face. If your child is out drinking in spots like this, chances are that they’re with other kids who couldn’t really care less about them. They’re drinking buddies, and that’s all.

“Where is this boy now? Is he lying in a ditch somewhere? Is he lying in resus? Is he lying in a mortuary? Parents, if your child is hanging out in these places and is getting involved in drink and drugs they’re dicing with death.”

The post concluded: “Even one death of a teenager is too many but recently it’s getting desperate. Talk to your child and make sure they know the dangers of what they’re doing, particularly if their ‘mates’ aren’t really their mates. Better to have an irate teenager at home than to have us knock your door and tell you you’ll never have them home again.”