Tesco Outlet launches new food scheme

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Tesco and FareShare are calling on charities and community groups in and around Banbridge to register for an exciting new scheme which will see unsold food become meals for vulnerable people across the town.

As part of its ongoing pledge to cut food waste, Tesco’s Community Food Connection programme with FareShare FoodCloud recruits and supports charities and community groups, linking them to Tesco stores via an innovative app that allows store teams to alert them to surplus unsold food items available at the end of each day.

The unsold food is free and includes fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables and bakery products. Chilled products like meat, dairy and ready meals are also offered.

Tesco’s store in Banbridge is amongst some of the first groups of Tesco stores to roll out the initiative.

Any charities or community groups in Banbridge using food to support people that would like to access the scheme, should visit www.fareshare.org.uk/fareshare-foodcloud.