The search is on for Banbridge’s best fry

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Forget Masterchef and Bake-Off, the ultimate culinary search has been launched on Facebook - the hunt for Banbridge’s best Ulster Fry!

It is the meal that has been fuelling Northern Ireland for decades, and now one local father and son team have created a page to discover where is best.

Rate my fry Banbridge are on a culinary journey around the borough sampling the finest cooked breakfasts and rating them accordingly.

The pair - who wish to remain anonymous to preserve their impartiality - spoke to the Leader about their quest.

The chief fry taster said: “Basically my son and I started the page a while back as we both love an Ulster Fry.

“We were talking about what we considered made a good fry and then we started trying to discuss which elements were most important.

“That developed into where in Banbridge did the best fry and we decided it would be fun to try all the different places and mark them.

“We didn’t really think people would be that interested in it but I have been stopped in Tesco twice and a local business has contacted me looking to sponsor us.

“My last post had over 2,000 views. I’m not sure if that’s good or not but I found it surprising. It’s good fun and means me and my son get an outing together each weekend.

“We will continue to go around all the establishments in Banbridge and then maybe head further afield. We’d go anywhere for a good fry.”

So far the top rated fry in Banbridge, is the Albert with an excellent score of 81 out of 100.

Having already sampled so many of the famous breakfasts, the pair are no stranger s to different combinations but what for them makes the perfect Ulster Fry?

“My ideal fry is bacon, sausages, fried egg, soda and potato bread, beans, black pudding, mushrooms and fried tomatoes,” he said.

“We use a scoring sheet and the ingredients are listed and marks in order of importance.

“We want to be consistent and fair.

“I know it sounds a bit serious but it’s just a bit of fun for me and my son.”