Thieves escape after ramming police car

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A police car has been rammed by thieves making a get-away, on Thursday, May 14.

The incident occurred some time after a newspaper delivery man had his van stolen in Dromore while making a delivery in the early hours of that morning.

The van was later recovered on the Lurgan Road when the police car was rammed by thieves trying to escape.

The police patrol was unable to pursue due to the damage caused.

Meanwhile a further burglary was reported in Banbridge on the same day, when a white VW Golf was stolen from the Scarva Road area.

Police are further investigating two reports of burglary in the Dromore area on Wednesday, when jewellery and cash were taken. A turquoise coloured car was reported near to one of the addresses.

Police have asked anyone with information in relation to any of these incidents to contact them on 101.