A1 crash: Motorists thanked for helping save injured driver

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The family of a local man who was seriously injured in a road traffic collision on Thursday, September 14 have thanked the “amazing people” who came to his aid at the roadside.

The injured man’s daughter, Tara Purdy, posted details of the incident on Facebook on Friday, September 15, thanking all those who’d helped save her father’s life.

The crash occurred at around 1.20pm on the northbound carriageway of the A1, near the Hillsborough roundabout.

“He was in his van and it flipped several times into a ditch and through trees. He severed an artery in his head resulting in bleeding on the brain, broke his neck and a bone in his chest. By some miracle he is alive,” Tara posted. “This is thanks to his seat belt and the amazing people that assisted him roadside. We are made to believe one of these people that stopped was a doctor, and thanks to this person his head wound clotted and the bleeding stopped, and he is with us today.”

Stressing that the family are keen to thank those who came to her dad’s assistance, Tara added: “He has a long road ahead of him, but he is one lucky man.”