WATCH: Dramatic moment R-driver has lucky escape at ‘dangerous’ junction

A still from the dramatic dashcam footage posted by MST Transport Ltd.
A still from the dramatic dashcam footage posted by MST Transport Ltd.

The owner of a local haulage company says a young R-driver is lucky to be alive after a terrifying near miss on a busy road outside Moira.

The incident, which happened last Friday, was captured on the dashcam of a lorry belonging to local haulage company MST Transport Ltd, and later posted on the firm’s Facebook page.

The frightening footage shows an R-driver in a small hatchback pull out at Trummery crossroads on the Lisburn Road, forcing a pickup truck towing a trailer to swerve off the road, narrowly missing the front of the MST Transport vehicle.

Company owner Michael Taylor explained: “It was one of our drivers who was waiting to turn right - our yard is up there - and the young R-driver just pulled out in front of the pickup.

“The pickup went up the side of the lorry and the trailer and managed to miss everything and get back out onto the road. How he didn’t hit anything is beyond me.

“There are two lampposts there as well that he could have hit, but he missed everything. It was an incredible piece of driving. There was definitely someone looking out for him that day.”

Mr Taylor said the R-driver was “very, very lucky he wasn’t killed”.

He added there have been a lot of comments on Facebook about how far back the lorry driver was sitting from the crossroads, but stressed that his lorries have to “sit back” in order to make the right turn, otherwise they would “block up the whole junction.”

Describing the Trummery crossroads as “a very dangerous junction”, the haulage company owner added: “There’s an accident at it almost every week now - it’s so dangerous. Something needs to be done to improve safety at the junction.”