Traffic issues still not parked


A local councillor has expressed disappointment that traffic congestion in Scarva has still not been addressed, despite the fact the issue was raised earlier in 2014.

On-street parking in the village on Sunday afternoons during band concert season has led to safety problems and Councillor Glenn Barr has repeatedly called for a meeting between residents and the PCSP but objections have prevented this from taking place.

Councillor David Herron welcomed the fact that the PSNI will not be patrolling the area on Sunday afternoons and noted that as the concerts only last one and a half hours the issue should not be addressed.

“Those who are opposing this meeting are burying their heads in the sand,” said councillor Barr, “and they are not giving residents a voice.”

“All the residents are in favour of the bands coming to Scarva but they want a conversation to ask if there are ways to alleviate the congestion.

“We may not be able to do anything about it but surely there is somewhere in the area that could facilitate 40-50 cars. A park and ride facility has also been suggested.”

Councillor Barr went on to question if the opposition was an attack on the Ulster Unionist party.