Dromore road speed limit to stay the same

Cllr Carla Lockhart on the Dromore Road, Banbridge.
Cllr Carla Lockhart on the Dromore Road, Banbridge.

Alderman Carla Lockhart has expressed her disappointment at Transport NI’s decision not to lower the 40mph speed limit on the Dromore Road.

Councillor Lockhart said she has been lobbying the Road Service on this matter and said she will continue to do so.

Speaking following this decision Alderman Lockhart said: “In recent months I have received a strong lobby from residents living on the Dromore Road.

“Residents are concerned that this road is a main arterial route into Banbridge and as such sees a high volume of fast moving traffic.

“New developments such as the new Clanmil Housing site will further add to the traffic on this already busy road and I feel it is essential to continue the lobby to extend the 30mph zone so as to slow traffic.

“I have asked for a review of this decision and will await with interest the outcome.”