Trip down memory lane as St Mary’s prepares for closure

As the last day of St Mary’s Primary draws closer and pupils bring in cardboard boxes in preparation for removal day, it was a busy week as the school took time out to look back on it’s vibrant past.

On Wednesday night those with connections to the school took a trip down memory lane, when the building was open for public viewing.

Describing it as an emotional and monumental night, principal Des O’Hagan said: “the school was bunged wall to wall with ex-members of staff, ex-pupils, present day staff, pupils and parents. We had put on a display of pictures from the 70’s to the present day.”

Many of the past pupils enjoyed it.

Julie Elliott said: “It’s sad to see it go,” and Vicky Mcalorum remembered ‘good times’ saying: “I was in the old P7 classroom and it seems like no time from we were there”.

Leanne Greenaway said: “Time flies. Those were the best days”.

On Friday a Celebratory Mass then took place in the Church of St Therese, followed by a reception at the school for past members of staff.

“A lot of families attended the mass who had connections with the school, some going back several generations” said Mr O’Hagan.

“Many of them said it was an emotional event for them.

“Later at a short reception for past members of staff we once again went down memory lane, recalling events from many moons ago.”

The last day in the present St Mary’s School building will be Wednesday March 25, which will be a Fun Day for the children. The school will then take two exceptional closure days on Thursday and Friday, to allow furniture and school belongings to be transported to St Patrick’s.

Pupils will then be off until Friday, April 10 and the children will then return to school at St Patrick’s on Monday, April 13.