Verbally abused ambulance crew as he was being treated

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On two occasions earlier this year a 20-year-old man was detected for disorderly behaviour offences in Portadown.

Mark Kennedy, Lisnisky Lodge, Portadown, was fined £200 for disorderly behaviour on March 20 at Queen Street, Portadown.

Fines of £100 were imposed for disorderly behaviour and obstructing a constable on January 20 at Fairgreen, Portadown.

The court heard that on March 20 at 12.15am Kennedy, who had fallen off a bicycle, was being treated by ambulance staff when he became abusive to them, telling them to ‘f—k off’.

Kennedy, who appeared to be intoxicated, got into the ambulance for about 30 seconds before getting out and again telling ambulance staff to ‘f—k off’ and leaving the area with a friend.

On January 20 police saw four males fighting in a car park and Kennedy was verbally abusive to officers. He gave false details to officers.

Mr Richard Monteith, representing the defendant, said that on both occasions Kennedy was heavily intoxicated and that the disorderly behaviour was only verbal.