Waringsford LOL to mark Somme battle

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To mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme this year, a special service will be held in Waringsford Orange Hall, on Friday, July 1, at 7.15 am.

Waringsford Rising Star LOL 545 have held a Somme commemoration service in their Orange hall for a number of years. This observance began following the visit of the two principal Lodge officers to the Somme in 2002.

Commencing at 7.15 am, this years act of remembrance will take place at 7.30am - poignantly chosen as it is the time the men of 36th Ulster Division went over the top.

There will also be an unfurling and dedication of a Standard bearing the names of the four Brethren of Waringsford, who made the supreme sacrifice during First World War.

Light refreshments will be served following the service and everyone will be made welcome.

Orange Brethren are requested to wear their regalia.