‘What plans for old health centre?’

MLA Carla Lockhart.
MLA Carla Lockhart.

The Minister of Health needs to reveal what her department has planned for for the old Health Centre premises in Banbridge, a local MLA has urged.

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart asked the Minister what her departments plans are for the old Health Centre premises.

For some time the premises have been closed and at a recent trade meeting the issue was raised.

In response to the Upper Bann member the Health Minister confirmed that the site was no longer required by the Southern Health Trust and that it would be disposed of.

Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon council have expressed an interest in utilising the property and negotiations are underway for a short term lease.

Speaking on the matter Carla Lockhart said: “I welcome confirmation that the Health Service has decided on it’s future and potential movement for the site.

“I also welcome the fact that ABC council see a short term future usage for the facility. We do not want to see it sitting as an eyesore and potentially attracting anti social behaviour.

“I have already commenced conversations with the council and other statutory bodies involved and am excited by the vision for this site.

“I would hope any negotiations and a way forward is established in the very near future.

“I will be doing all I can to bring about investment and have it as an economically active site which will add further value to the town centre and the super retail destination it currently is.”