Woman pushed against kitchen work top

University of Ulster plans to build a multi-storey car park at its new �250 million Belfast campus.
University of Ulster plans to build a multi-storey car park at its new �250 million Belfast campus.

A 28-year-old Dromore man who assaulted his partner and damaged items in her home, has been handed down a suspended prison sentence.

Andrew Rowland from Gallows Street appeared at last week’s local court when he was sentenced to three months in custody which was suspended for two years. He was also ordered to pay the female injured party compensation of £750.

Police were called to a reported domestic incident at 4.15am on April 6 and when they arrived they spoke to the female victim and Rowland.

Both were intoxicated and the injured party alleged that Rowland had pushed her to the ground and kicked her.

A welt was noticeable to her temple area and items were strewn over the living room floor. The kitchen area was also affected with items and glass on the floor.

There was also damage caused to a cooker.

The court heard the parties are no longer together and that Rowland admitted pushing the woman but denied kicking her.

It was also alleged that the woman scraped Rowland’s face but he didn’t want to make a complaint.

A barrister said his client punched the cooker with his fists a number of times and the door fell off.

“He accepts he pushed her hard against the kitchen work top but there was no punch,” the barrister said.

“They were both heavily intoxicated as they had been out in Belfast that night.

“Both had been living at the property and he is disappointed that the incident brought their relationship to an end. This was drink fuelled and what ever happened in Belfast and on the way home this argument continued and he acted in an inappropriate way. He lost control in some way and this was controlled by drink.”

District Judge Mr Paul Copeland remarked on the fact that Rowland was subject to a non molestation order in relation to another female in the past.

He told him, “This isn’t the first time your conduct has been brought to book in the physical abuse of a female.

“This was appalling conduct and this court takes a very serious view especially when it happens in the woman’s own home.

“I am prepared to step back from sending you to prison immediately but you need reminded of the gravity of this if you find yourself in a further residential situation with a partner. If connected again you will go to prison.”