Work begins on Dromore sewers


Dromore residents are being promised efforts to minimise inevitable disruption as work begins on improvements to the area’s sewerage network.

According to NI Water the completed work will reduce the risk of blockages, collapse, ‘out-of-sewer’ flooding and environmental pollution.

A spokesperson said: “Work of this nature can be unavoidably disruptive at certain locations, particularly where temporary road closures and traffic diversions are required.

“Alongside our appointed contractor, Graham Construction, we will work closely with Transport NI and other key stakeholders to minimise inconvenience and disruption to local residents, businesses and road-users as far as practicably possible.

“Where possible, ‘low-dig’ techniques will be employed throughout the scheme, which will significantly reduce the amount of digging in the area and will ensure repair work is completed as quickly as possible.”

The sewerage rehabilitation work in Dromore is part of a wider project - expected to complete overall in 2016 - to identify defects in some 26km of Northern Ireland’s sewerage network and allow any necessary repair or replacement work.

“Stage one,” said the spokesperson, “will involve investigative and design work, which includes pipeline/manhole cleaning and CCTV surveys, which will identify defects and define the work to be carried out in Stage two of the project. This will take place during July and August 2015.

“Stage two will involve the core sewer improvement work, which may include the installation of ‘liners’ in existing pipelines or the laying of new replacement pipelines as well as other associated improvement work.

“The project will provide the community with improved sewerage systems that are less prone to failure from blockages and sewer collapses.

“It will also increase the water carrying capacity of the existing infrastructure and reduce the risks of ‘out of sewer’ flooding and environmental pollution.”

Queries to Waterline on 03457 440088.