Young drivers’ rubbish becoming a nuisance

The car park at Quillyburn Industrial Estate. Pic: Google.
The car park at Quillyburn Industrial Estate. Pic: Google.

A local business owner is appealing for young motorists to ‘take their rubbish with them’ when they park in a local industrial estate.

Ford Arnold of Cottage Catering in Dromore told the Leader that the Quillyburn Industrial Estate is often littered with broken bottles, takeaway wrappers and other rubbish left by young people gathering in cars nearby.

He said that as a result, customers and delivery drivers are often having to drive other broken glass when they arrive in the estate, which is located just off the A1.

He said: “The industrial estate is often left covered in broken glass, bottles and rubbish from young drivers gathering in their cars.

“This has been going on for a number of years but has gotten worse in the last six months

“Particularly on a Monday morning, they’re drinking their Buckfast or whatever and my staff and delivery drivers are having to drive over broken glass.

“They sit together and would clearly rather dump their rubbish out the window onto the car park.

“I rang the council and they have been very helpful, they come out relatively quickly with the road sweeper which helps deal with problem.

“However on some occasions I have gone out and brushed the car park up myself when the sweeper wasn’t available.”

Ford emphasised that he isn’t against the cars parking there, he just wants them to stop leaving glass and rubbish when they do.

He added: “I feel that there’s nothing else I can do. A lot of the general public walk their dogs there but they are having to walk past and through rubbish and glass.

“It’s really become a nuisance, there’s lots of rubbish and this broken glass that is causing problems.

“I don’t want to be a killjoy and I’m not really that concerned about them parking there but I just wish they would take their rubbish away with them.

“I rang the police who say they send a car to drive past but I have never seen any.”