Aussie thanks honest local

DEAR Editor,

Whilst spending a few hours in the lovely town of Banbridge on our way to Dublin airport I was unaware I had misplaced my wallet containing mainly Australian notes, pounds,euros and cards. As it transpired I had left it in the cafe (unfortunately I do not remember the name) where we had a most enjoyable lunch of delicious sandwiches and fresh hot chips.

Sometime later the man from the cafe searched for and found two of my family up the street and handed the wallet to my mother. I was most grateful as we were close to leaving and could have been much further south and unaware the wallet was missing.

One of our reasons for visiting Ireland was to research ancestry in the Northern Ireland counties of Fermanagh and Antrim from where our ancestors had left for the Australian colonies over 150 years ago. Such honesty displayed, particularly those in that Banbridge cafe, makes one proud of our Irish and British heritage. We cannot speak too highly of the friendliness of the Irish people we experienced in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Seymour

Glenelg , South Australia