Flags, alcohol and shopping debated

In a weird collision between worlds most of the local debate at the minute seems to be about alcohol and flags. Can there be an Oktoberfest beer festival without beer and can there be a town without flags?

To some religious folk, pioneers and recovering alcoholics any alcohol is too much alcohol. To those who like their drink the question of too much isn’t always relevant. It’s all down to individual outlooks and circumstances.

The same applies to questions of what could constitute too many flags. The law isn’t a great deal of help. It can regulate but it can’t define a universal level.

If nothing else at least we are having a debate. The scary thing about the ongoing debate is how many people believe people don’t shop in Banbridge because it’s a rubbish shopping town. Surely Banbridge is an excellent shopping town. There can’t be many other towns where on the main streets it’s still possible to buy clothes, furniture and hardware along with quality food, pet supplies, electrical goods and even stationery. Maybe you can buy some of that in Rushmere but I don’t see how anyone can say Banbridge is rubbish.