Opinions may differ, but we must move forward

Dear Editor,

I am writing following a number of articles published in the Leader recently. In particular the interview with Sinn Fein’s Councillor Curran and the reactions from last week.

Let me first of all say that I respect all victims and their families whether they be police, army, IRA, UVF or whatever. I fully accept that they are carrying the pain of their loss to this very day. From what I read in the interview, as is Mr Curran having lost his own partner some years ago.

I feel the backlash in last week’s paper was genuine in terms of emotion but was not reflective in terms of the original interview. As much as many people may not like to see it, Sinn Fein are in government in Northern Ireland and in many cases it is the same people who were involved in the IRA. But not all I might add. This doesn’t mean that they support violence now.

I know Mr Curran was also a councillor in Craigavon for many years and as far as I can tell has been a big supporter of the peace process, and an important supporter from what I understand, given his background. I don’t think it was right to portray him as a man of violence and deliberately insulting victims. I actually thought the article was showing that he had left violence and embraced politics.

I must admit that I did vote for Sinn Fein last year, but I certainly don’t come from the typical background. I found it quite interesting that his Aunt was a war hero, not that typical either I would say. I would go further to say that it was the first time I have ever voted, for anyone (due to my age mostly). Peace is an important part of the reason, I think people will admit that Sinn Fein have helped to bring peace not by themselves but still.

But more importantly nowadays, I want people who are going to fight back against all these cut backs! I want all the parties to do it and I hope they can do it together. I think we need to accept that there are different opinions on history and work together in the future!

From Banbridge Man (name and address supplied)