Town should host weekly market


DEAR Editor,

There are a lot of suggestions floating about town on how to make the shopping experience in Banbridge town much better and I think this one is by far the best idea.

One suggestion was made to hold it under the ‘Cut’ with the section basically from Poundland in Newry Street to Northern Bank in Bridge Street closed off to traffic and the whole centre section used for a Saturday market.

Banbridge needs a weekly attraction to attract shoppers to the area, a Market, once established would serve that purpose and at the same time all the town centre traders would benefit from the extra shoppers and visitors.

Yes, there would be problems with by-laws and stalls maybe competing with ratepaying shop owners but all problems can be overcome if the will is there.

I think it needs to be a ‘street market’, not down Solitude Park or out at Havelock, it needs to be central, it needs to draw in new business for the benefit of all the town and it would need promoted to a wider audience.

I would be keen to hear your views on this suggestion.

Regards, Drew Gregg.